Eko-Kit : Medium

Discover the Ekokit – Your All-in-One Eco-Friendly Solution! Packed with plantable bookmarks and notebooks, DIY plantation kit, seed pencils and pens, recycled newspaper pencils, bamboo toothbrushes, tongue cleaner, neemwood comb, seed balls, DIY plantable calendar, and an Ekolife Membership. Elevate your daily routine sustainably.




Introducing the Ekokit (medium) brought to you by Ekomart.org

Your Complete Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Package!

Step into a world of sustainable living with the Ekokit, a comprehensive assortment of eco-friendly essentials designed to harmonize your daily routine with the planet’s well-being. With a diverse range of products including plantable bookmarks, notebooks, DIY plantation kits, seed pencils, seed pens, a DIY plantable calendar, recycled newspaper pencils, bamboo toothbrushes, a bamboo tongue cleaner, a neemwood pocket comb, seed balls, and an Ekolife Membership, this kit is your gateway to conscious choices and positive impact.

🌱 Plantable Bookmarks (3): Add a touch of nature to your reading adventures with our plantable bookmarks. Each one features embedded wildflower seeds that sprout when planted, transforming your reading breaks into beautiful blooming moments.

📓 Plantable Notebook (2): Capture your thoughts in our plantable notebooks, each page infused with seeds waiting to blossom. Document your ideas while nurturing the environment with each written word.

🌱 DIY Plantation Kit (1): Unleash your inner gardener with our DIY plantation kit. Cultivate your own green space with everything you need to sow and grow a variety of plants, adding vibrancy to your surroundings.

✏️ Seed Pencil Box (1) & Seed Pen Box (1): Elevate your writing instruments with a set of seed pencils and seed pens. After use, simply plant them to witness the transformation into flourishing herbs or flowers.

📅 DIY Plantable Calendar (1): Stay organized while contributing to sustainability with our DIY plantable calendar. Each month, plant the paper and watch nature’s calendar unfold as plants sprout and thrive.

📰 Newspaper Pencil (5): Embrace the charm of recycled newspaper pencils, each one a testament to upcycled creativity. Make your mark while reducing paper waste.

🎋 Bamboo Toothbrush (2) & Bamboo Tongue Cleaner (1): Upgrade your oral care routine with bamboo toothbrushes and a tongue cleaner, designed for effective cleaning and minimal environmental impact.

🌿 Neemwood Pocket Comb (1): Experience grooming the natural way with our neemwood pocket comb. Handcrafted for gentle care, it embodies sustainability in every stroke.

🌱 Seed Balls Box (1): Become a guerrilla gardener with our seed balls box. Scatter these compact ecosystems in barren areas to foster native plant growth and biodiversity.

🌍 Ekolife Membership (1): Enjoy the added benefit of an Ekolife Membership, connecting you with a community dedicated to sustainable living. Share, learn, and grow together.

Experience a greener lifestyle with the Ekokit, where every choice you make contributes to a healthier planet for generations to come.


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