To provide alternate eco-friendly version of every single product in the world.


We provide environmental affection during the consumption of products to our customer.

What is Ekomart?

Ekomart is your ultimate destination for embracing a natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly lifestyle. Specialising in utility and stationery products, Ekomart proudly offers a diverse range of environmentally conscious goods.

With the motto “Your Choice Matters,” Ekomart empowers consumers to make impactful choices by providing high-quality products that align with their values.

Committed to the fulfilment of Social Development Goals, Ekomart actively promotes awareness and engages in volunteering efforts to drive positive change for both society and the environment.

Experience the transformational power of conscious shopping with Ekomart – your superstore for ethical and sustainable products.

Jasraj Bhowmik

Public Relations

Mr. Ram Kumar

Head Growth Advisor

Dr. Vaibhav Tripathi

Christ Incuabtion Head

Mr. Rupinder Singh

Mentor and Investor

Mr. Sampath Hari

Mentor in Corporate Relations