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Welcome to the world of Sustainable Living

We are friendly e-commerce for eco-friendly products. Ekomart is a platform that provides people to choose eco-friendly products for their daily needs.

We are Ekomart

The Story

“We are strong advocates for achieving SDGoals. Our approach involves raising awareness, educating, and actively volunteering for noble causes. Additionally, we curate a selection of eco-friendly products accessible through various platforms, aiming to foster positive societal and environmental changes.”

Eko's 4 Pillars

SDG & Volunteering

Non profit help to NGO and campaign of awareness:


Sustainability Meetups

Sustainability sessions to the organisation and communities :


Sustainability Bulk Giftings

Providing ecofriendly alternative of daily utility products:



Lets start your sustainable journey!


Education, Activism & Inspiration

What we are

We are non profit community who takes initiatives for social and environmental upliftment. 

What we Do

We organise meet ups and social campaign with objective of volunteering for an NGO.

Perks of the Membership !!!

  1. Custom Seed Card Plantation of your Name
  2. Access to our Community of Eko life
  3. 10% Discount for 3 months for Ekomart products
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Awareness & Sustainability Meetups

Corporate Interaction

Presentation on green and sustainable lifestyle:

 Step Towards Sustainability

Commuity Interaction

Interactive session with eco friendly products:

Why to chose Green Products

Meetups Arrangement

Candid discussion with Ekolife volunteers : 

Individual contribution to Ekolife

Institutional Speaking

Speech & chat with universities and schools:

Awareness program to Youth


Sustainable Corporate Gifting & Bulk Supply

Eko Deals

Hear it from others

“Ekomart’s Seed Pencils have amazed me and my kid. Beyond smooth writing, they let me plant and contribute to a greener environment. Proud to support such a thoughtful company.”

Arnav Dutta

Office manager

“Ekomart’s Bamboo Flask is a revelation. Its sleek design keeps my beverages at the perfect temperature while reducing my environmental footprint. Cheers to Ekomart for their innovative and eco-friendly approach!”

Nitishia singh

Research sholar