10- Newspaper Pencil

Write like they did in the old days! This set of 10 classic newspaper pencils is perfect for everyday use or adding a touch of nostalgia to your writing. This handy set of 10 newspaper pencils features a smooth, firm lead that’s ideal for tackling puzzles, crosswords, and everyday writing.

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Write with the Past, Embrace the Future: Newspaper Pencil Set (10 Pack)

Unleash your inner wordsmith and embrace a touch of eco-consciousness with this unique set of 10 newspaper pencils! More than just writing tools, these pencils represent a sustainable alternative and a captivating connection to the printed word.

Reimagine Yesterday’s News:

  • Crafted from Recycled Riches: These pencils are not made from wood, but from recycled newspaper! Give new life to yesterday’s headlines and empower responsible writing.
  • A Sustainable Statement: By choosing newspaper pencils, you’re reducing your environmental footprint. Say goodbye to deforestation and hello to a greener tomorrow.

Experience the Power of Paper:

  • Smooth Writing Performance: The tightly rolled newspaper core holds a high-quality graphite lead, delivering a smooth and consistent writing experience. Perfect for everyday tasks, sketching, or tackling intricate crossword puzzles.
  • Unique Aesthetic: Each pencil boasts a one-of-a-kind appearance, reflecting the remnants of the recycled newspaper. This adds a touch of vintage charm to your writing and sparks curiosity about their sustainable origins.

A Set for Everyone:

  • The Gift of Green: Surprise eco-conscious friends, family, or students with this thoughtful gift. The set of 10 pencils is perfect for sharing or keeping a stash for yourself.
  • Unleash Creativity: These versatile pencils are ideal for artists, writers, and anyone who appreciates a unique writing experience.

Embrace the past, empower the future, and write with a conscience. Add this remarkable set of 10 newspaper pencils to your cart today!


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