6- Plantable Seed Pens

This plantable pen set lets you write with eco-friendly style. Once empty, plant the pen to grow herbs, flowers, or veggies! Surprise with a gift that grows, reduces waste, and inspires creativity.

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Write, Plant, Bloom: The 6-Piece Plantable Seed Pen Set – Where Words Take Root!

Unleash your inner wordsmith and cultivate a greener future with this captivating 6-piece Plantable Seed Pen Set! Each pen goes beyond simply putting words on paper – it holds the potential for vibrant life.

Evolve Your Writing Experience:

  • Write and Rewild: Crafted from eco-friendly recycled paper, these pens offer a smooth writing experience while minimizing environmental impact. But the magic doesn’t stop there! Each pen contains a hidden seed nestled within, waiting to sprout into a beautiful surprise.
  • From Pen to Plant: Once you’ve exhausted the ink, plant the pen body following the included instructions. Witness the transformation as your used pen becomes a flourishing plant, adding a touch of life to your home or garden. Choose from a variety of seed options (depending on the specific set) – herbs, flowers, or even vegetables – for a delightful surprise!

A Sustainable Statement:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Regrow: Ditch throwaway plastic pens and embrace a more responsible writing experience. The Plantable Seed Pen Set encourages mindful resource management and celebrates the wonder of nature.
  • The Gift of Green: Surprise eco-conscious friends, family, or students with this thoughtful and unique present. The set of 6 pens offers a delightful combination of practicality, sustainability, and the joy of watching something grow.

Write with purpose, plant with passion, and witness the magic of the Plantable Seed Pen Set! Order yours today and cultivate a greener future, one written word at a time.


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