Sustainable Pen and Pencil Kit

This Eco-Stationery Box packs a punch! It features 2 seed pens, 2 seed pencils, & 2 newspaper pencils for eco-friendly writing & planting fun! Reduce waste, plant life, & explore different writing styles.

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Cultivate Creativity & Sustainability: The Eco-Stationery Box (2 Seed Pens + 2 Seed Pencils + 2 Newspaper Pencils)

This Eco-Stationery Box is your one-stop shop for eco-conscious writing and a touch of green magic! Packed with a variety of sustainable options, it empowers creativity while minimizing environmental impact.

Grow as You Write:

  • From Pen/Pencil to Plant: Two plantable seed pens and two plantable seed pencils offer a delightful surprise! Once used, plant them to watch them transform into vibrant herbs, flowers, or vegetables (depending on the seed type).
  • Eco-Minded Writing Tools: Two classic newspaper pencils, handcrafted from recycled paper, join the mix. They provide a smooth writing experience and reduce reliance on virgin wood.

A Box Full of Benefits:

  • Multiple Writing Styles: Explore different writing experiences with this diverse set. Use the seed pens and pencils for everyday tasks, newspaper pencils for puzzles and notes, and watch the joy of planting your used tools!
  • Reduce, Reuse, Regrow: Ditch throwaway options and embrace sustainability. This box minimizes waste and encourages responsible resource management.
  • The Perfect Gift: Surprise eco-conscious friends, family, or students with a thoughtful present. The Eco-Stationery Box combines practicality, sustainability, and the thrill of watching something grow.

Write with purpose, plant with passion, and embrace a greener future with the Eco-Stationery Box. Order yours today!


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